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The blog's shop! Try it!

For some time I had this idea, and have been trying to materialize it. Today, finally, publisher of the online store's blog ... Today, finally, publishes the online store's blog ... Hope to Creating new products over time, But for now the Beginning To Have That series of products hopefully come to be appreciated by many and many! Hope to creating new products over time, but for now beginning to have a series of products that hopefully come to be appreciated by many and many! Therefore I invite you to visit the online store on Being Gay Blog: I therefore invite you to visit the online store on Being Gay Blog: http://www.zazzle. en / blogsergay / s this? cg = 196378783174567404 s? cg = 196378783174567404PS: If you have any suggestion or Proposal Will of course always welcome!

Calvin Klein Hobby:: Dare!

Today publishes some of the photos that have already arrived to email me to compete for fabulous Calvin Klein briefs x Earth Elements, offered by the online store Dare and send a photo of yours, then will the readers to choose who should win the prize. The competition ensures anonymity! All information HERE

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer : Beach : Nudism

With summer, the beach becomes one of the best places to relax and have a good time!
Two years ago, I was happy with my beautiful, so for the first time at nudist beach ... I loved the point you've made from close friends, even without making these! In my way of seeing things, the problem of not having more people practicing nudism is that people do not assume and accept your body without complex ...
As for intimacy, I think it makes good sense as a real nude beach (do not speak on beaches coupling) all face the bodies naturally, because it can not be otherwise, we are all alike!

My advice is to experiment, for example, there on the left of the beach "Fonte da Telha" ... But there are so many nude beach, just do a search on the net ... Try it and see that there is nothing better than getting in the water, bathing, walking, without prejudice, as someone put us in the world!



I have spoken to so many things on this blog, but I've been reluctant to publish this post ... However, assuming that all curiosity must be sated until we open more to our minds ... But I have to admit that there are certain matters that can not understand in this case specifically, talk about sexual practices ... Sadomasochism is practiced by many people, but I think there are many more that never come to implement their wishes and desires more obscure. However, in my opinion, for what I have seen on websites and even live (in the Sex Fair in Lisbon), I thought that these practices would be bolder to give pleasure in pain, and taking pleasure at least it should reflected in an erection ... or not? Well, these sites live and saw no erection and it makes me mess ... So pleased to have reflected on what? In the brain? Someone please explain to me ...

I leave a link for pictures of sadomasochistic practices, which should only be visited by over 18 years and warning that the images could hurt people more sensitive.

Click HERE if you are over 18 years

Like older men ...

No need to scour many gay websites or blogs to find new people looking for older partners, or vice versa. For quite some time ago I spoke of my difficulty here is not surprising to see an elderly gay couple exchanging pats, but as I said then, I know, which is merely a prejudice of mine and they always try to overtake. But in fact also see many new boys to ride with you much older ... Of course well known that love knows no age, but excuse me, I can not help thinking, when I see a couple so that the oldest goes to "take advantage" of the younger. I think everyone thought the same thing to see a straight couple under the same circumstances ... The fact I never attracted people much older than me, because while they may have more experience (and this is good) always imagine a clash of generations, attitudes ... Prejudices, it is what it is ... I know I should not think so but nobody is perfect ... In fact the most important is to be happy!

Sex: three or more ...!

It is not news to anyone that the gay community is much given the experiences together ... Sexual experiences, which have nothing to do with love, in my opinion ... I have never experienced and do not say you do not have that curiosity, because all the people I know (gay), most of them have had this experience ... However I have my Beautiful and I do not even pass through the head to share it with someone ... It's mine and only mine, is mine until the end ... They say many couples leave for such experiments to give more excitement to their relationship ... But for me, the fact that many people together having sex always requires more than just the delivery of the body ... Maybe not quite, but ready, I think the three or more only when you do not have a "Beautiful" by our side ...

Pleasure Elements - Poppers


"Poppers" is the popular name for various alkyl nitrates, such as isobutyl nitrate, nitrate, butyl, and amyl nitrate. These solvents are nitrate inhalants (which may be introduced into the body by breathing through the nose or mouth) highly flammable.

Previously, the medicine used amyl nitrate in patients with heart problems and was sold in capsules that were broken to release the vapors, (popped in English, thus resulting in the name). But the side effects, such as pressure drop and faint, led to his retirement from medicine. Currently the most common are the poppers nitrate and butyl nitrate, isobutyl. They are sold in shops and fri have a role in increasing sexual arousal.


The poppers are used by direct inhalation of fumes sos an open bottle. After inhaling the vapors, the effects are felt within seconds and can last between 1-2 minutes. The effects are characterized by the relaxation of the muscles surrounding blood vessels, speeding up the heart to pump more blood. The blood is richer in oxygen and when it reaches the brain causes a euphoric effect.

The areas of the anus and vagina are so many vessels are relaxed almost entirely and that the reason that leads to the use of poppers during sex. The intended effects are intense but very briefly lived. Everyone has an intense feeling of dizziness, tachycardia and agitation that lasts a few minutes.


Contact the poppers with skin causes irritation and blemishes. Constant use can damage the mucous membranes of the nose and lungs. The poppers can cause side effects such as headaches, dizziness, vertigo, disorientation, fainting, vomiting, loss of erection and decreased blood pressure (hypotension). Also weaken the immune system for several days after use, and as blood vessels dilate, facilitating the emergence of infections, including sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Inhalants such as poppers can generate a certain tolerance, especially if used with a weekly frequency over a period of about 1-3 months. Thereafter, the subject will require increasingly larger doses to achieve the same effect. They are not as addictive as other drugs but require attention.

The poppers may lead to overdose and consequently death. Secondary symptoms characterized by nausea, vomiting, fatigue, muscle weakness, stomach pains, sudden drop in blood pressure, tremors, feelings of fear, loneliness and guilt, paralysis of cranial and peripheral nerves, delirium, unconsciousness, coma and death from cardiac syncope.

The poppers are highly flammable solvents. You must keep away from candles, cigarettes and lighters during use. People with a history of heart problems, high or low pressure, brain hemorrhages in the family, anemia or pregnancy should also not use.

Avoid combining poppers with stimulants like amphetamines and cocaine. The risks increase significantly. Combine with Viagra is extremely dangerous, since both substances lower the pressure.

Another important issue to consider in the use of poppers are sexually transmitted diseases. Since its use interferes with the immune system, interfere with the awareness / self-criticism and to be widely used in a sexual context, are directly related to increasing rates of AIDS, and other STDs. You are strongly advised to place the condom before using poppers, so the possible absence of self-criticism will not interfere with the health safety.

As the poppers can cause fainting, always use together. The hangover the next day is similar to alcohol, so swallow lots of water and fruit.

Author: Jorge Marques

How does a transvestite hides the penis?

I do not know if anyone will think about it, but I believe now that it is a travesty to work, thoroughly lisinha, the question of how to succeed that result? A documentary that gave this week on "All Truth", SIC Notícias, showing the ins and outs of prostitution in the Red Light District in Amsterdam (Netherlands), was a transvestite prostitute to hide the "stuff", but it was so fast that he did not to realize ...

I decided to investigate and publish something today I could find on the net about it ... There is no great thing is sure, but ready, what counts is the intention!

Create, increase or decrease breast is relatively nowadays, already hiding a penis and testicles can be difficult and even painful ...

The easiest method is to buy a so-called "Cache-Fri" in specialty shops. It appears that this object is similar to a slip that flattens the penis, testicles and squeezing it. It seems not very comfortable and can even be troublesome.

The other two methods are known as "Tuck" and "Tape".


There is only one place you can hide the penis and testicles, which is between the legs.

Well, the testes (testicles only, without the scrotum) should be pushed with little way into the place where the cold they "collect". If you do not find the site should push themselves to the underside of the abdomen to facilitate and find the spot where perhaps the testes when they were new. The site is still there, and to facilitate can lie down flat on his back with feet flat on the floor and look between the legs, the place to be able to push the testicles. If you still can not find the site, there is a trick that is put up for 5 minutes in a tub with cold water, and even the testicles tend to "disappear" by hiding at the site above.

After achieving this (in addition to merit a prize, hehe!) It will be much easier to pull the penis back after being enough for a few slips Justinho (one, two, three or even four underpants can help).

With practice, this process is relatively quick, and within seconds can be the result presented by Miriam below:


This method is very similar to the previous, except that the scrotum instead of being under the penis (where it is pulled back), this method involves the scrotum, the penis, with a ribbon that is wound to the scrotum and penis, giving the feeling of a labia major. This tape is then pulled through the legs. This method is time consuming and requires more care, both in order to tighten the tape to the scrotum and penis so as not to restrict the continuous irrigation, how to use the tape itself. This method allows to urinate sitting down.

Nude beaches in the Algarve ... For when the time change!

The nude beaches, or naturists, as you want to call it, are increasingly present in our shores ... And thank goodness! Nothing like walking around with everything on aimlessly, without complexes or prejudice, because deep deep down we are all equal! Strolling on a beach in the Algarve, I ended up spending a nudist beach ... I would say also that he had a large number of "radar" in the dunes ... Too many and too blatant ... It is evil, but ready, each man knows himself ... I then decided to extend the "Google Earth Gay" here blog with nude beaches of the Algarve. I think they are all but over if they do please tell. I removed the descriptions and photos of the site Naturism in Portugal. I leave you with a link to each one of them also pass to appear permanently on the sidebar of the blog. I recall that will have to see free and easily install the application "Google Earth" available for download HERE. This is really worth ... Oh, and then may also suggest other sites, mainly the north if they have, because I would like to offer here on the blog ...


Praia da Ilha Armona

Praia Pinheiros

Beach Cabanas Velhas

Praia Meia Praia

Praia das Furnas


Praia Beliche

Praia Grande

Elements of Pleasure - POPPERS

For some time, I want to explore some accessories or practices which may increase sexual pleasure in a relationship, regardless of the genders involved. So take this opportunity to inform me and give my contribution to society "posting" the results of what I looking for ...
The first element of pleasure that I address is the Popers or Poppers. It is an illicit substance, while access to a bottle of Popers is relatively easy. Any Fri Shop has ... bpamsterdaml.gif "The Poppers is a liquid that must be smelled when we want to increase our sexual appetite. The bottles can be larger or smaller, and have a look similar to the side of the figure. Its main purpose muscular relaxation, euphoria , increased sexual pleasure, lightheadedness, dizziness, paleness, hallucinations and intense heat.
What is the history of Poppers? The Poppers was initially created as a remedy for angina (chest pain), but the benefit did not offset because of side effects such as pressure drop.
The liquid is composed of what substance? The active substance is as amyl nitrate, a vasodilator, analgesic and muscle relaxant.
How to use? When in full intercourse, it should open up the bottle, carefully, and should put up one nostril with the "mouth" of the vial and draw two or three times.
What happens? In order to smell the Poppers will feel a strange sensation, like on weed, floating, leaving the mind open and ready for new experiences.:)
It is dangerous to use? So searched the net, is not dangerous, but ... Obviously that can not ingest or inhale the liquid over and over again consecutively. There are reports of vomiting, fainting, severe headache, weakness, respiratory irritation and burns (if contact with skin). It is advisable for those with health problems take more care and advice from someone known in the field. Another problem is quality assurance. A wrong mix could have very harmful effects for health.
It is only for homosexuals? No. Although most who use them are gay, the Poppers can be used by anyone. The fact that it is used as the love drug for gay men, due to the fact that facilitate sexual intercourse, particularly anal, so the poppers has been associated with the gay community. "It enhances the enjoyment and suppresses pain by facilitating the penetration."
What is the relationship between sex and the Poppers? There are several possible answers, including:

- Dilation of blood vessels, ie an extension causes dilation of blood vessels. This increase causes an increase in penis, sensitivity, increased flexibility and facilitates sexual intercourse;

- Orgasm bombast, or is used by many people to achieve an orgasm out of range, going up to the stars, at least for the moment;

- Masturbation, or, as we know there are many people who experience difficulty achieving an orgasm through masturbation. The Poppers facilitate this practice;

- Aphrodisiac, ie Popers facilitates sex with your partner (a) doing the sex reach a point of pleasure rather high. In many cases the popers can be used as "air freshener" room ...
It would be great to have contributions from readers relating their experiences or facts they find to be important on the Poppers.

Self-penetration or auto-fellatio ...

Well, do not even know if this is the correct name for these social practices ... 've All at least once, men, we should have thought of "stretch" for a scene, masturbation self oral sex, or oral sex itself ... We have talked about so long ago that Marilyn Manson got two ribs to get them done, but the truth is that with the proliferation of home videos quickly concludes that this practice is not so exceptional as it may seem ... There are numerous videos showing just that ... Both practice, self penetration and self-fellatio, require a large penis and give off a vulgar ... I for one can not and I believe that many can not ...

Waxing for Men

It is not news to anyone that men are increasingly concerned (and rightly so) with their appearance and well being. With this development, also starts to become meaningless as the hair is a task exclusively to women, and that one need not be gay for a man to shave. The hair, which some have too much and others do not see them, are part of us but we are not obliged to put up with them throughout vidaAliás in thousends gyms scattered around, there are very man who ever shave your underarms, legs , chest, etc ...
The shares of pubic hair removal is, however, used less ... I imagine that many will think as I thought, if we are born with hair that is because they are lacking, and what others would think when they saw that it had cut my hair from the penis ... I, by chance or not, when I was little and when I started the crimey born, I remember clearly thinking that did not like the hair, which was much cooler and it looked cleaner without having them. Fortunately, my beautiful helped me to release these small biases and currently cut my hairs and I think the same thing (and now confirm) what he thought when he was toddler. Gay-shaving the anus can also make sense, however, how to do it requires much more care ...

I tried to find the net places in Portugal where it has been made manscaping. Or not looked good or not there really no place that does waxing exclusively male, and I found one or other place where manscaping is made, but is handled very soft, the air leaving an air of taboo and practice little common, almost treated in secret. In Brazil things are more advanced and there are already sites only manscaping, is a case in the Garage Aesthetics.

Still, is not included shaving anal or penis, and do not understand why.
Having said that it is easy to conclude that the easiest for now is to do at home. And how? As we know, there are various techniques, depending on location and sensitivity of where we want to do. Tapes depilatory, depilatory gel, wax and razor few. In the case of the penis, and using my personal experience, with a blade (I use Match 3, step by advertising) normally used to have a beard (not to cut both) is fine. I use scissors to trim the hair around the penis (trimming is the technical name), do choose to shave. In the pouch at the base of the testicles and penis and can use the blade to believe that it is quite easy, and will not be hard to imagine that the penis becomes much more attractive for oral sex or palpation (ehehhehe), but tastes do not argue. As the anus is much more complicated, since it is a very sensitive area (area around the scrotum) and difficult to access by itself.

I urge you not to venture alone because they can actually get hurt, but a companion can help with this task (see short video at the end of the post, demonstration) with a razor and shaving foam, then using beeswax or honey, which to what I read, is the most recommended for those sensitive areas, for not irritate both the skin and weaken the hair and its growth. I saw however many testimonies of the net counting bad experiences due to anal waxing ... At the discretion of each, also costs nothing to try ...

To be able to see and evaluate, who has not seen, I leave here some photos that depict (or intend to portray) a few examples on the subject:

- Penis trimmed (Trimming);
- Penis completely shaved;

- Hairy Ass

- Anus little hairy;

- Anus shaved



I hope this information serves to dissolve any doubts ... To assist and facilitate the reading, the picture is presented by points:


As is known, often we are ashamed or think is lack of education, but the truth is that he is known by many names: piss, dick, truncheons, hammers, cocks ...


The penis externally, consists, as can be seen in the figure by - Foreskin, which is the skin that surrounds the end of the penis, the glans - glans, which is the end (or pponta) of the penis - Brake, who holds the foreskin - meatus, orifice on the glans, which is the end of the urethra - the urethra, which is the channel that runs from the bladder to the meatus, where it is expelled by the urine and sperm - the shaft, which it begins where it ends the glans to the base of the penis.


When talking about penis, which usually first awakens curiosity is the size ... It is often cause for laughter and joy, but when someone questioned about the size (especially women) is normal to say that size does not matter, but how it is used, the perspective of talking about sex. But it is usually with friends and porn films is made comparisons, but it is to remember that movies are movies and not always what we see is reality. Beyond the excitement, the hot water, shower, all increase the size (erection), and instead, the cold makes it almost disappears (flaccid)! Ehehehe! Several studies have shown that most men have penis erection between 13 and 17 cm long, standing on average at about 15 cm.


The erection is one phenomenon that often we can not explain ... The penis when erect, becomes hard and achieves its larger size, and that sometimes leaves us in complicated situations :) But as it is in fact an erection? Well, inside the penis is a tissue much like a sponge that sometimes, for various reasons, fills with blood causing it to harden and increase in length and width.


One of my friends once said "A wank a day, gives health and happiness !"... "Punheta", in portuguese, the name by which he is best known male masturbation, is without any doubt, in general, the first sexual intercourse ... My first, left me a little stunned, but then ... Well then, is to use and abuse! :)) Masturbation is essentially about involving the penis in one or both hands to rotate back and forth. Most men have their first contact with masturbation since adolescence. It is a time of discovery and change. There are several myths that discourage the practice of masturbation, however there is no scientific evidence that masturbation can cause negative consequences from that practiced in moderation.


Ejaculation coincides with the point at which the man / woman has an orgasm. There are those who suffer from premature ejaculation, or ejaculation happen very quickly, without checking, not coinciding with the partner's orgasm ... Ejaculate, or "come up" happens often unwittingly, especially at night when we sleep, most often in adolescence ... They are called wet dreams, very natural and should not be ashamed of.


Circumcision is a common operation, made many men and that is to be removed from the skin of the foreskin that covers the glans penis, usually under local anesthesia in adults and children in general. Previously had an indication for the hygiene and lost adherents in recent years and is currently almost exclusively of patients with phimosis.


The aesthetics of this case is also linked to hygiene ... I believe that many men like me, think or thought that cut / shave the hair is not something that should be done by changing the appearance seen as normal and that could mean a loss of masculinity ... Something that also raised questions is how one should shave / cut hair, and in this respect nothing easier than an ordinary razor blade, and believe me it does not hurt! The difference between cutting / shaving the pubic hair or not (also known as "crimey"), is in my view, between a person feel more clean and "light" and have a "scrub" that apart from providing more sweating in zone becomes too unsightly and can lead to the partner gets her mouth invaded hair ... Ehehhehe! And in hindsight, after serving for pubic hair?

Friday, March 19, 2010

To be Gay's becoming fashion?

Like it or not, but it makes me look like that being gay is now being trendy! Since it was rumored about now our Prime Minister Jose Socrates about his alleged homosexual relationship, began to proliferate on television the cases if gay ... They appear in the novels Portuguese in Brazilian soap operas and more recently in television programs. Indeed, lie, they have always been on television more or less camouflaged! But now there are some who decided to come out to the Portuguese people to his homosexuality, and doing so make us some money ... I can only conclude therefore that is to be gay, and who knows if one day does not do the same! Ehehehe! Meanwhile, and as millions follow the novels that invade our homes via television in prime time, I can only hope that with so much gay as overshadowed minds begin to look for us in another way! :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blog Surveys - You think that homossexuality is...

At the time I decided to do this survey, wanted and believed that the responses attributed thehomosexuality of an individual to fruit of education, disability / illness and influences were the least voted ... This proved to be taking in all three responses obtained 15% of the vote. I knowwell that this blog should be visited mainly by homosexuals, but still must certainly be more than 15% of those not they are ... Still think the percentage obtained with a little and demonstrates the lack on this subject that many people still have. But those who think and believethat some of these responses is correct to say that these be homosexual is as natural as beingheterosexual, is not something that chose not decided, because if it did believe that mostwould choose to be heterosexual and to avoid the "complications" that the fact that being gay in entails.Since the two most voted, that is, homosexuality is something genetic and / or is as natural as being heterosexual obtained the majority of votes, 26% and 59% (85% of total votes) respectively. My opinion is also by these two, and vote, vote in two, and why? In my view the thing, the hetero / homosexuality is the result of our genes we inherit from our parents, and is as natural as to be heterosexual. For example, in my family, as I mentioned earlier, the same side (same class) of my descent are known 3 cases of homosexuality and I still I suspect another case ... However, the one two, or just about coincidence or whether there is something of genetic ... And many will say that was genetic then there would be homosexuals, but the truth is that the Homosexuality has existed since are human, what happens is that many (perhaps most) does not assume homosexuality leading a life a farce, eventually finding their life with a woman having children (gay or not) and many time jumping around throughout the life ... Therefore difficult to know whether genetic or not, while there is a most of which fails to take its homosexuality.CONCLUSION: Analyzing the results is is obvious that a satisfactory result, at least from my point of view, and I hope that these 15%, hence to some time, change their minds and see thehomosexuality as it would be seen, naturally!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Single Farewells...

Today I was invited to a single farwell for a friend ... Obviously I accepted the invitation and I will make it company with its other friends and family, because I know he appreciates my presence. My beautiful must also go as well was invited, although still due to outstanding issues professionals. I know it will be a
dinner and then go to borga ... On these occasions the borga includes almost always a visit to a strip bar. Is Obviously for me and not the beautiful
have the interest that could have case we were heterosexual. I know that a good strip, is always a show
worth seeing so I will not get there ... But consider the stag (a) a real hassle to have to, as the tradition dictates, just ask boys in the case of unmarried girls in the case of single women. To I'm sure that when you mine this does not exist, the only rule that will prevail is the celebration of friends, or celebrate the end of
a state of grace and the beginning of a state of grace with my friends and friends. Is it to be I think so queer? Rather, the bachelor party for which I have just been invited only have men, and I start thinking, if will know or already know, what think they have a couple homosexual to accompany them ... Will that have the attitudes of real
macho that normally sprout these nights? What should I say when some I approach them with a comment type good woman, right? Let's call her"? This episode brings to mind me `, a
another by which I had to pass, I was to start dating with beautiful ... I work for abroad with a team of the company and this forced me to go to a house strip, and as if that did not come question of giving me a session
private ... How should I imagine incomodadíssimo, but had to accept, and I finally find the experience
interesting point of view that had never seen and no Nor did anything more!

Maybe it's persecution mania again, but the truth is that I that I and not the beautiful
will be comfortable in the farewell ... let's see!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"I'm not lesbian, homo or bisexual!"

Many will say "lesbian and gay" doesn't make sense, and it is true, as a lesbian is a homosexual ... Rather, this phrase I was told yesterday by a messenger on a longtime friend with whom I've a relative proximity ... Going against my suspicions turned out to show me yesterday that he is living with a "special friend" with whom she has a healthy, relaxed and sexual. Although I have stated unequivocally that it immediately afterwards, and has repeatedly said the phrase that serves as title to this post. Not explained to him that being a lesbian is a homosexual, but told him she would not have to worry about the label of their relationship and / or their "sexual identity", what it takes to be happy. At the same time, and coincidentally, saw the replacement of the "Amores" RTP in N, where Gabriela Moita and José Machado Vaz insisted on the idea that this is terrible to give names to all sorts of relationships, often making things more complicated to take. I fully agree, and one thing I am sure: the only truth is that we are all humans and that the purpose of each must be unique and simply the pursuit of happiness to make life have some sense!

G. Force and obviously you have my support!


Monday, February 8, 2010

"I'M GAY !"... "I'm a lesbian!" ... Which the most well received by parents?!

The purpose of a book I read now, and that one other time talk in depth but I read a interesting thesis, and on which never had thought ... Who will be complicated to know about homosexuality of their children, to parents of a gay or parents of a lesbian? Many will say that the shock, orimpact will be the same, but the seen things are not well ...
Says in the book, the parents of a lesbians have more difficulty
return to work within the family ... Now and this why? Because, as we know, from new idea conceived by society is to see the woman as a person who will marry, have children and 'll take care of home leaving career background professional ... Now the men, the society in general expected to be a good boss family that thrive in career and family can provide economic stability to home ... From the moment when the daughter or son take his homosexuality, it is easy to deduce that all these preconceived ideas make no sense leaving Parents confused, disillusioned and many sometimes with a sense of guilt. But analyzing the most detail: in reality (and according to the book) when one man stands out as gay, although Parents abandon the dream of one day come have grandchildren, in fact may even thus, through a supposed success professional, a prominent position overcome the loss and mitigate the most emotions ...In the case of women, everything that the parents expected the family becomes a mirage, increasing the feeling of anger and rejection of parents towards their daughter. This feeling is even stronger his father, who believes that his daughter is indirectly to relinquish their figure (as husband), leading them to think that is itself being set aside ...

I think not to say that been studied for most cases, been the exceptions (which
hopefully will be the general case) confirm this rule ...


Thursday, February 4, 2010

For these that many can't be assumed ...

In the past weekend I attended a wedding, as I mentioned, which by chance happened a scene that makes many gays don't have the courage to take ... I speak of if one of the guests, who (as some people know) is gay, and that for the ceremony was accompanied by a longtime friend ... I do not want to lie, and so I guess he is gay (which is what interests me for this post), and that in fact it was one of the inseparable friends of gay men (eheheh) who accompanied him with pleasure ... Well, the middle of lunch, one of her friends reminded them to ask for a kiss with a round of applause to such friends (which for the friend who asked, it did so only out of spite, knowing something, or just to fun) ... He was super embarrassed and uncomfortable, but there eventually gave xoxo to a friend ... In my opinion, these are supposed initiatives innocent (as well as close friends) who writes a gay "unarmed" to the point of being completely discouraged to take something before their (supposedly) close friends ... In other words society is pushing a boy to a reality that is not his, but in the eyes of most is the supposed reality of it ... A friend of mine, who was on my desk was quick to comment "friends? Yes yes ..." you have not even crossed his mind that he might be gay, even though it a couple of gay men in their own table! So do not go there ...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

DRILLING IN THE BLOG IV - Do you think a (couple) homosexual should be able to adopt a child?

More a survey by I completed, with a total of 101 ratings, based on the question "Do you think a (couple) homosexual be able to adopt a child?". The results of this survey let me obviously happy, where a clear majority to support possibility of adoption by of (couples) homosexual ...But good analysis is then results in detail:The most determined and who see any chance of the homosexuals can see any days to adopt children represent 10% of voters. Already other 15%are less drastic and voted a "no" showing so that in future the opinion may change ... There are still 28% who have doubts and open the hypothesis adopted by homosexuals would depend that some factors. Response winner of the poll is "Yes" which collects 47% of the vote. CONCLUSION: It's difficult to conclude more than 70% of people approve with or without restrictions adoption of children in Portugal by homosexuals. Not deny that it makes me happy and to believe that perhaps, unlike many think, the law may be changed more quickly
imaginable. In my opinion, if we focus on that really matters in this subject, namely the well-being physical and psychological development of children, I don't understand complicated any child yearns to have a home with all the facilities and well be possible. If there's a father, mother, two fathers, two mothers, an uncle, an aunt is in my see the side of this issue. There will surely gay that will not be able to adopt a child, but I hope that maybe there adoptive couples more than have these conditions, but still are privileged person in adoption procedures.

Friday, January 29, 2010

There's something in womans that much envy me...

... that's the fact that only they can pass through the unique experience of pregnancy and have a child. I mention this because this weekend was the wedding of two longtime friends, among many other guests, and the truth is that because of several couples they married a short time ago, the children are a constant in conversations ... Some pregnant, others to try and with some other less pleasant experiences. But it's nice seeing a new mother, speaking of his experience with a twinkle in his eye and one very special ... I just thought to myself "How I'd like to also be able to go through this experience." But he wanted to, who we "invented" that only women have that privilege and on that there is not even nothing to do. And by chance I'm at a stage where several friends go through these experience (some already future parents, others try to be our parents, other daddies and others in which things did not go very well), and that makes the conversations very interesting.. And even here we (society) try (often with good intention) poking your nose when asking for a baby without knowing sometimes what is really happening and that this simple question can cause enough embarrassment to the couple. I have said several times that on the day I came out as gay a few of the things that hurt me most was knowing that the dream of having a child would have to be put aside, at least as "normal" is designed as a baby. .. Many think that even so all is not lost, and this is true ... This weekend, the dormant desire of having a child has to be agreed, and the adoption was again a part of my daily thoughts .... We shall see! :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Grilfriends?!?! But... How was it possible?!

This was one of the doubts of many of my friends had when knew that I was gay... In fact, I always lived surrounded with woman, but were just friends, except some... Naturaly, I had girlfriends, and this raised the question "So, how you had girlfriends, if you're gay??!?!"... Right, I think that this happens because all of us (generally of the society) pushes us to womans, becoming the fact of haven't girlfriend reason to suspects or doubts. Now, as I always wanted to hide the fact that I'm gay, nothing better than trying to have a girlfriend... But it doesn't work, I dated with Cristina, with Sara and with Susana (a few hum...) and, in fact, the things doesn't worked and believe me that one of them was everything I would want for me... But nature doesn't forgives, and was having always something that was missing to complete the relationship. Actually I'm a big friend of all of they, and they accepted very well the fact that I'm gay, and, in some cases, it served to clarify some situations... And you ask: "And how was that relationship, it was one normal love and sex relationship?", and I answer that I think that would be much more love (or a strong feeling that I used to call love) than sex, even because in relation to sex, things never went very well...

"OFF THE RECORD" Comment - Crisis

Who has been reading my posts on my blog, sure that already noticed that I'm not a person of swallow injustices and that I alwayes try to give voice to my desires, to my anguishes... So, I think that the best place to express it is right here, even if this subject couldn't be relacionated with the theme of this blog... This first "Off the Record" comment is dedicated to the so known and alson with beards "portuguese crisis". She is always accompanied with her friend "Deficit", that haves a back very wide, and for that, he's alwayes responsible for the setbacks of his nephews, the portuguese politicians. I remembered and I felt will to write about this subject, after I've found that yesterday, on an Lisbon esplanade, while I was having lunch, that the two persons of the two around tables, were commenting (or regreting) the just announced tax increases... And to top it off, two ladies passed around me that were saying ventings that the politicians should steal money from the riches, and not to the poors... To over this sequence, when I just over to have lunch, I went to the kiosk close to the restaurant, e for my admiration, at the first page of a newspaper, Socrates retrated a bit on the announced measures, that withdrew some with some members of the parliament benefits, and that the "Caixa Geral de Depositos" (that in the first three months of this year improved 20% of the profits) is for the next two years isent of paying IRC (tax to the profits of the companies). Nothing am I think in 10 years here (maybe I'm being optimistic) the people that work has been year after year deceived and runaway ... And if there was doubt, it is almost unavoidable to this chaotic situation (which is what at least for now, as in other years past, would have us believe) that we are involved. And who pays for the irresponsibility of our leaders? They? Of course not ... I think we're a country where being a politician is becoming more attractive, and not because their responsibilities are more noble and the challenges are greater.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Spain, 4th country in the world with homosexual marriage and adoption allowed

Today with all the certainly marked in the gay's memory of Spain, and also to the rest of the world, after finally was approved this morning, on the parliament, the law modification that gives to homosexuals all the same rights as heterosexuals, in respect of the civil marriage and to the child adoption by gays.
While very close here, there's happening the steps in the changing way, very close to the tail of the world...
CONGRATULATIONS to all that want benefit of the approved law in Spain...
About the others, the fight continues...

Because the ignorant people exist...

I talked about this subject and I don't resign myself... Incidentally, today had a reader that left a comment, referring that I should be in another world, because when he told to his family, he was putted away, alone, and with his image totally dirty... I read also, in that one student was supposedly humiliated and taken by his course classmates, after he assumed his sexual orientation... Really, hat make thinking... Me, fortunately hadn't to pass for none of this situations , but I take my precautions too... When I told to my family I don't knew what would be their reaction, but I searched to do that when I was already independent. This, beyond giving us strength, is also a "joker" that our family could use against us, and I say "joker", because to many parents think that place their son on the street would force him to leave homosexuality. About the telling to the class, there's some data remaining to understand the why of this "communication" and in what circumstances this happened... Unfortunately in this point, I also think that we should leave to the last alternative the act of tell our orientation to our classmates, we've the right of don't tell it...
Of course, when we're go to do it, we should wait all the possible reactions, because tell to our classmates isn't like tell to our friends. Our friends think in us and are faithful to us (the true friends of course!), the mates are too, but they can, at the first opportunity, for merely professional questions use the sexual orientation with the end of prejudice the mate...
I know that we already knew this, but I felt like, after read the stories, leave my testimony of total repudiation for any type of discrimination and to know (and I mean to "know": the moment, who, with any way, prepared for any unexpected reaction...) take to us and to the others our sexual orientation when this will be relevant and important to us. :))

If there were doubts, now there's not anymore...!

I mean, the manifestation against the homophobia that was realized this weekend in Viseu. Was nice to see on the TV Mr. Viseu's Mayor, saying that he won't admit that Viseu was known as the most Portuguese homophobic city, and came a old man almost drooling of from nerves screaming as one of the demonstrators of the manifestation. And to complete the scene, quickly a lady rush saying "he's right, yes indeed"... We know that this reactions exists in the whole country, but in Viseu there was happening truly lamentable situations, able to do a movie, searching to reject the homosexuals... What else we can say? This is our country, a little hidden, that only moves to support football teams, leaving what really matters to each other life to background. And, as the saying tells "In Rome, be a Roman", maybe there's our way: the people always being stupid and ignorant. This is the being way that the politicians are all happy! :-S

"Estimation Friends" (doubtful)...

I don't know if the words I'm going to say are true or false, but my experience and the years in that I've meeting very good people, and in all relationships, there's almost always an "estimation friend". I decided to call them like that, but I also could call them "doubtful friends" or other names, but the thing I really want is to refer is friends that cause disagreements in a relationship... That exists in my relationship, and I think that this happens in many other relationships... But what friends are they? I think they're that friends very close to only one member of the couple, where the other tends to see suspiciously. But, curiously that person is normally close to the couple, and although apparently all seems to be okay, in the reality the things are not so like that. The jealousy or the possible threat that we imagine in our head, never pass and always remains, and with the minimal oversight, we're back to charge against the "estimation friend". It will be like that?... To think... :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Arrábida here so close ...

Decided to go for a walk, visiting a site near but not yet met. Decided after us, we find on the net, do a tour in the region Arrábida ... I then what impressed me most and the least liked to see:


We started the trip from Lisbon, was the first stop in Cape Espichel. A beautiful site, airy and with a phenomenal view over the coast. Already a Igrega of Ms. Cape is also very beautiful she is very well maintained .... Followed by the Castle of Sesimbra ... This offers us a fantastic view of the town of Sesimbra ... Then, with the barriguita hours to the heart of Serra da Arrábida, which stopped at the restaurant "Sea Bar". Good food with some slightly prices topping ... We then, and we were stopping at the Sierra where the view was simply one of which highlight the views of the beautiful beaches of the area (Portinho Arrábida, Figueirinhas ...) and the area of Convent Arrábida. The next house we visited was that of Setúbal, the only baroque castle of Portugal. The castle is really different from all others, but not found particularly nice. Gira was the view of Setúbal and Trojan .. Then for the last tour of the castle, the castle of Palmela. This is better care, and has a fantastic views, which some say make to see the landscape from the Serra de Sintra to Sines ... Frankly we can not confirm this because the landscape was somewhat cloudy. Just the ride to eat some pies from Azeitão in Azeitão it is clear!


When we get to Cape Espichel, obviously the danger that any visitor corresponding to go there, next to huge cliffs ... Examples are two cars that are estatelados downstairs and realize that although it is difficult to get them from there I do not think anything positive ... Then, coming to the beautiful castle of Sesimbra, walking by its solid walls, which withstood many centuries but that we, as gentle and evolve we prefer down to our cars to come ... Arrábida, so beautiful, beautiful, green ... Suddenly, we have to move next to a huge factory in SECIL right in the middle of the mountain ... Another nice part of our ... Finally, already in the castle of Palmela, here we are faced with a pool that was built (it is known there by whom) and in the heart of the castle ... Imesurável our kindness, and then not even try to disguise the real attack on our heritage ... Of course, after a day trip to beautiful, unfortunately the terrible traffic queues to enter the capital Jao was not a surprise: (

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Monday, August 17, 2009

INTERNET ... Who is the other side?

I have already discussed this topic several times here on the blog, and I do not play it again too ... This is because today I received a link via messenger, a known, that showed me a page where you are literally exposed a supposedly personal conversation taken known and widely used in Messenger. These conversations, which now can easily be stored in history may well become embarrassing or even harmful if we do not know what the real intention of those who is on the side of there. It is known that with the proliferation of chat conversations and instant applications, the risk to say or do certain things in the future can come to commit ourselves. This is an example of this, and I think that should motivate us to reflect on the matter. The link that I talk to who is more curious is:


Mariza transparent ...

There is already for sale, the  work of our Mariza, which gave the name "Transparent" ... We got him and I tell you that our expectations were and high, but the girl was once again time to ... It is a delightful disc, where the violins added a new line to your music ... Music 7 of the album, giving it the name, even mix of percussion instruments that give a very transparent tone to the music ... Have the song "Fado Portuguese of us" is an anthem to our traditions, to our luck! And No. 12? Well .. Just listening to it! :)
Do not see the transparency of this new album, will not regret!